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Apogee is when you are at the farthest point you can be from anything else. I get the feeling like that is where I am at. This is a collection of differnet styles and distinct points in my musical career. I think you will find something here that you like. If you do let me know and share this site with your friends. I can't think of a more cost effective way to share my music with my fans. - Enjoy!


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I was at my mom's house and everyone was sitting around the kitchen table looking at their phones. My mom had this look of dibelief. These people haven't seen the woman in years and sit around her table and not even talk to her. Sad. The worst part? I was looking at my phone too. ;-(

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An ode to a perfect day with that perfect person. This song is about the time when there is so much chemistry between you and the person you're with that nothing else matters excpept that magical momemnt when you kiss each other.

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We Kiss

This was a song I wrote in the height of the "Alien" days. There was a couple albums called "Mothership", "Love&Aliens" and "Viber8" with lot's of alien themed stories. I wrote this in a hotel room just before checking out. Certianly one of my favorites

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Circles In The Fleld

This song is made up from Acid loops...Just messing around with trying to find something interesting....no, that's not my vocal :-)

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City Lights

A story about not needing someone around all the time....it's no worry, just pick up the phone when you want to have some fun

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Come and Go

The first real song I think I ever wrote. Changed it up a bit to give it a relaxed groove and a little biting lead guitar. this song was originally on my first CD called "The Visitor" You still might be able to pick up a copy at Zia records!

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Watched a movie with Steve Martin in it and he was dating a young woman. He was so curious about her and wanted to know everything. I guess that's how it is when you first start a relationship. You want to know as much as you can. That movie gave me inspiration to write this song.

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I Wanna Know

Seems every year here in Arizona there are these very specific rains that come jsut about the same time of year and when they stop, winter arrives. Odd little song about not much. I wrote this some time ago and keep coming back to it.

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These Are The Rains

This song started out to be about something metaphorical, turned out it was very specific. A real journey to mars to rendevouz with a beloved one.

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Mission To Mars

You know when you find that certain someone and everything just clicks. The magic, the moment just can't feel any more real. That's when you know you have found the "Real Thing"

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Real Thing

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